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The Story Spinner

Box Set

Award winning traditional stories on DVD for the entire primary school.

Top international storytellers and stories for your classroom.

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Stories from


the World Series

“It’s not often that a new resource knocks me out so comprehensively, but this is something special!”

Sue Palmer, Literacy Consultant and writer on contemporary childhood

“Enthralling, moving, amusing – such words aren’t enough to describe the richness of this series of stories.”

Eve Bearne, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education  

“From time to time someone comes up with a gem.  

And this is one.”

Marilyn Mottram, School Effectiveness Adviser, Birmingham LA


   £425 for all 11 DVDs


The Story Spinner

Box Set

Stories from Around

the World Series

Story Spinner Learning


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Imagine someone who has mastered the art of telling a story so well that the words come to life and transform themselves into pictures in a child’s imagination. It’s the way we’ve learned for millennia and it’s absolutely captivating.

We’ve filmed internationally renowned storytellers to create powerful, award winning resources for your classroom.

Children’s early knowledge of stories has been shown to have an immense impact on their entire educational achievement. Now every child can experience the very best storytellers, anytime.


The Story Spinner and Stories from Around the World are DVDs for primary

school children (from early years to Year 6) proven to help develop their literacy


The DVDs allow you to have repeated viewings of the exact same telling of a particular live story, year after year, offering you excellent value for money. You can use the story as a powerful and versatile teaching tool: children can do their own re-telling and drama; analyse the story structure; discuss the characters; make story boards; writing; artwork… and of course, simply enjoy the shared experience of a good story!

“The power of story to engage, amaze and delight is presented here in a compelling collection, brilliantly told. If you buy nothing else this year, buy The Story Spinner and enjoy the journey.”

Eve Bearne, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.


The DVDs are full of traditional stories, told (not read!) by International storytellers.


The Story Spinner is an award winning collection of traditional stories on DVD, perfect for use across the entire Primary school.  A beautiful boxset collection of 7 DVDs with all of the 42 stories brilliantly told by Phil McDermott.


Our second collection of 3 DVDs features top International storytellers, telling stories specifically selected for use in Early Years settings and Primary schools. There are 7 stories on each DVD, including stories from Africa, India, Britain and Europe.


Over the course of a 9-month period, the Story Spinner was the subject of an evaluation by Eve Bearne (Cambridge University) and Marilyn Mottram (Birmingham Education).

The key findings from their evaluation showed clear improvements in all aspects of literacy:

1. The achievements of all children involved indicate that The Story Spinner stories have contributed significantly to raising standards in speaking and listening.

2. Noticeable gains have been seen in writing. The structure as well as the imaginative content of the children’s told and written narratives improved noticeably over the course of one term.

3. The stories have helped to raise attainment in reading, as children could watch stories then transfer their understanding to stories in books.

4. The stories provided support for more flexible and creative planning and teaching, fitting well with the revised Literacy Framework and offering a variety of assessment opportunities in reading, speaking and listening and writing.

5. Teachers’ classroom practice developed significantly as a result of the project. There is good evidence of the potential of The Story Spinner DVDs for supporting professional and curriculum development within schools. For example, through staff development sessions and in using the stories in different curriculum areas.

“Watching the DVDs and listening to stories sparked off the children’s own imaginative inner worlds which became evident in the content of their stories.”

“You wouldn’t expect it – because there are no extra visual effects – but it is almost as though it means more to them because there isn’t any of the sort of movement and action that they are used to and they lean forward and want to hear more and more…”

“He gives them a higher order of language and they just suck it in. You can talk with them easily about similes and vocabulary because they are inside it.  The wealth of language they have picked up is incredible.  It’s another friend in the classroom for us.  The children shout ‘Here comes Phil’.”

Comments by teachers involved in the project.

Growing confidence as writers

When the teachers analysed the children’s writing at the end of the first phase of the project, a number of common features were noted. The beneficial effects on writing included:

  1. Improved sequencing of events. The children showed greater confidence in planning, clearly knowing what it was they wanted to write after having had the experience of telling and re-telling stories orally in the classroom.

  2. Greater attention to characterisation. Many of the children demonstrated a greater understanding of character by including characters’ thoughts and motivation in their written stories. Equally, they were able to develop more multifaceted characterisation.

  3. A more assured story voice. There was a significant increase in children’s use of adventurous vocabulary and imagery. More complex sentence structure and the use of rhetorical techniques, such as repetition for emphasis or for creating narrative tension, were also noted.

  4. Improved use of punctuation. Explicit discussion of the cadences of storytelling, including pauses for effect, meant that children became more aware of the function and importance of punctuation.

They love seeing things over and over again. They love the familiarity of the stories – they want to watch them over and over.

“If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories.

If you want them to be really smart, tell them more stories.”

Albert Einstein

Our mission is to

transform children’s literacy,

foster cultural understanding,

and preserve heritage and history

through storytelling.


Stories spark imagination and curiosity.

They foster creative and critical thinking skills.

They teach us abiding values like courage, honesty and determination.

They nurture and grow creative language skills.

They help us to understand challenging concepts, historical facts, religious principles.

They are how we make sense of the world around us.

And the worlds we will never see.

They preserve and pass on history, heritage and culture.

They nurture a sense of wonder.

They are how we learn language and how to communicate.

They are enjoyable and fun.

Stories help us learn who we are.

“I promise you - try out these stories with your class, and you’ll be spellbound by the results.”

Mike Ward - Editor, Child Education.

“Children who are learning English as an additional language will benefit particularly.”

Jill Catlow - Former National Strategy Regional Advisor and author.

”There are few things more powerful than watching and listening to a good teller of tales and that is precisely what the Story Spinner DVDs provide – stories told directly to camera (no acting, no pictures) for all primary children…no school should ever be without them.”

Prue Goodwin, Schools Library Association magazine.